Make any of these mistakes, and your stay in New York could be a short one. Save yourself from the embarrassment of moving back home to your parent’s basement- learn from these common mistakes that people make when moving to NYC.

#1 Bring too much stuff

To Say that New York City Apartments are small is an understatement.  For people moving to NYC from practically anywhere else in the country, it is hard to imagine that anyone would refer to the shoebox like accommodations in NYC as apartments.  Believe me when I say that the less stuff you come with, the easier your move will be.  If you already have furniture, an extensive shoe collection, lots of books, or anything that takes up space – do yourself a favor and sell it.  Most people that are new to the city move around quite a bit for the first few years that they are here.  Minimizing the amount of stuff that you have to move each time will save you tons of money and lots of stress.

#2 Move into an Apartment they Cannot Afford

Don’t think that just because you can qualify for an apartment under NYC’s stringent renter requirements that you can afford it.  Do the smart thing and create a budget before your commit to a lease.

#3 Come With the Wrong Mindset

If you have the right mindset, you can move to NYC and make it no matter what your situation is.  While it is true that having heaps of money, a fancy college degree or a high paying corporate job can all make establishing yourself in New York City much easier- it is not totally necessary to have any of these things.  Every year there are thousands of young people that move to NYC with no money, no job, no apartment and few prospects – and guess what- many of them succeed in establishing themselves here.  If you are willing to do whatever it takes for a few months while you get settled, you can make it here too.

You need to be flexible and do whatever it takes:
  • Are you willing to bounce around on people’s couches for a month while you look for a job?
  • Are you willing to work absolutely anywhere- at least for a little while?
  • Are you willing to cut back on your lifestyle and survive on ramen noodles?
  • If you are willing to do these things – then chances are you can make it in NYC.

#4 Are a little loose with their wallet

If you are bad with money.  Then you need to get good with money.  Life in NYC is fraught with challenges, every one of which money can solve.  The temptation to spend spend spend never goes away.   Need to get somewhere quick? Take a cab.  Hungry but don’t feel like cooking, head to a corner deli, feel like you need to socialize?  Head to a bar.   The number of ways that you can spend money here are endless.  No matter how much money you come here with- you can easily burn through it- in much less time than you think.  To make it here, you NEED to know how much you can spend.  $4 dollars for a latte may not seem like much, but buy one every day for a year and it adds up to $1,460 dollars.  Can you really afford that yet?

#5 Loose Site of Their Goals

There is so much going on in NYC that it is easy to lose sight of one’s goals.  Unlike other cities, that may have relatively little to do, there is literally always something going in NYC.  Want to go out to the bars on a Sunday night?  No problem, there are plenty that will be packed with people.  Want to check out a free concert on a Monday – there are plenty.  A museum perhaps? Take your pick. There is no shortage of ways to spend time in this city.  Consequently, it is very easy to get distracted from your goals, possibly jeopardizing your ability to afford staying in the city.

Experiencing what the city has to offer is definitely an important part of why you should live here- however you must be able to control your urge to go to everything that comes up, lest will have no time left to actually earn a living.

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